First, I am so happy to be doing what I love in the city I love but, why did I have to pursue and purse this position for over two years? I knew I was qualified yet, just as it seemed I was in, I was out. What was I doing wrong?

Was I not going through the on line application process properly? Were co-workers saying negative things about me? Was my resume not describing me in a modern way?

Perhaps it was a little bit of everything as I now know that the past and present come together in today's modern day hiring process.

I thought my resume was just fine but, it wasn't. It would only appeal to employers looking for my past success. It's what your brand can do today to maximize company profits that employers are now looking for. It's not so much what have you done, but, what have you been doing lately?

PBS and 'Here's Why Your Resume Is Getting Traction' says:

Find out what their day-to-day work is all about. Don’t rely on job descriptions. Like resumes, they are too static. Talking reveals the job and your skills more effectively.

My resume got a make-over showing off the Mark Richards brand and how it perfectly matched what MIX 96 Buffalo needed and there you have it. The updated document along with conversations dispelling myths and on how I can add value with the work that needs to be done now, quickly got the bosses in my favor.

Maybe this will work for you as well in your job search.