It's that time of year in WNY where we've got one of those wacky forecasts.

Literally, the words "lake effect snow watch" and "high 71" are in the same sentence today.

You don't need me to remind you that 2 years ago today, some woke up with over 8 FEET of snow.  Others had 2-3 inches.  Wacky.

Relive some photos here....and check out a surprising "side effect" of the storm here...

Remember the #WallOfSnow ?

There is a Lake Effect Snow Watch in effect for deep-southern Erie County, as well as most of the southern tier, from Saturday evening to Monday morning. Check out WGRZ's predictions here.

But why is the number "48" kind of terrifying right now?

The Snowvember storm was fueled by a few different of them being Lake Erie being so warm.  As it was described to me once, it's like taking a warm bowl of soup and putting it in the freezer.  The steam from the soup (Lake Erie) rises up, concentrates, and cold air from the north (the freezer) turns it to snow.

The lake temperature during Snowvember?  48 degrees.

The lake temperature today?  48 degrees.

This isn't to say Snowvember will happen again, but I know THIS Western New York gal HATES shoveling ANY amount, and when a coinky-dink like that comes up, I shutter.

We've learned quite a lot from that fateful storm of 2014.