I shared this story on the air, but in case you missed it, I'm re-telling here! :)

I haven't voted in a presidential election since 2008, because when I moved to Buffalo in 2012, I didn't have enough time to register at my new address.  So the last time I voted, it was still with those "old timey" stand-up booths, usually avacado-green with a ratty old red curtain.  You pulled a GIANT and LOUD lever to get in and out.

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And inside the booth was a series lines and columns on yellowed paper, with a tiny little lever below each candidates name. You clicked down the tiny little lever under the candidate you liked, and a tiny "x" was exposed.

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Well yesterday, as I walked into my polling place, I was overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, and panic.  But it had NOTHING to do with the candidates!

I signed my name (didn't have to show ID by the way, which I thought was weird...I have to show that to buy cold medicine, but not to vote for POTUS...) and they handed me a manila "privacy folder", with what looked like a Scantron form tucked inside.

As I searched for a No. 2 pencil, I was catapulted to 9th grade.

Regents exams.  That's all that went through my head. "Good God, I'm no good at standardized tests...I'm NEVER gonna get into college!"  and "Is this circle completely filled in??? Will it even count???"

I sat at the table, with my privacy folder in full effect...and immediately sat in a "DON'T PEAK AT MY TEST!" stance.  It was SAT-taking all over again.

Laura Daniels

Then I realized, "Laura, what are you so anxious about? This isn't a test! You're just voting for the next President of the United States of America!"

Still not sure which caused me more anxiety....