For anyone needing just a bit more glitter and glam in their lives (or on their car), have I got something for you. Originally meant to be a prank on Tony P. (and because I'm not sure how carefully he reads my articles here, I may still be able to get away with it), Black Magic Tire Glitter delivered the goods -- I now have the blingiest tires in town.

Check it out....

The stuff is a little gooey to apply, and because of that, my parents now have awesome glitter globs on their driveway (you're welcome Mom and Dad!). Basically, you sponge it on, in layers, to give you the desired level of glam.

According to the manufacturer, Tire Color lasts 4-6 weeks (like any funky dye job!). Personally, I think it adds the right obnoxious touch to my already obnoxious orange hatchback.

Living the life ya'll!

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