Yesterday, we asked what you gave out when you ran out of candy.  Your suggestions were HILARIOUS.

Today, we switched gears and asked what would be cool to get in your trick or treat bag, as an adult.

Again, getting creative.  Top on our (Keith Kelly and mine) list:

  • gift cards
  • airline bottles / booze
  • coupons
  • hand sanitizer
  • vitamins
  • stamps

Here are a few of yours from our text line (716-241-9696) :

Teri / lancaster: This is Terry from Lancaster and in my treat bag I would love pumpkin spice pudding shots with fire ball I made them a few weeks ago and they were a great hit at a party

Arlene / Tonawanda: Gift cards for Pet Supplies Plus because I spend way more on my pets than I do on myself!

Nydia / Amherst: Laura I'd love books in my treat bag 😊

Carey / Lockport: I'd love a tim horton's gift card in my bag

Ann Marie / Williamsville: Hi this is Ann Marie from Williamsville. I would love new socks in my trick or treat bag! Never can have enough dress socks for work

Greg / West Seneca: Surf n Turf

Michelle / Williamsville: I know that razors in your Halloween bag are bad, but I would LOVE some schick intuition razor refills. Seems I'm always out of them

Lynne Marie / Tonawanda: Coffee would be wonderful in my trick or treat bag!!

From the listener line (716-644-9696) :