Is your child clumsy?   Mine is.  

The gash on his nose is from falling off his bike. You would think this is normal, except the bike has training wheels. Not impossible, I know, but it's just series of clumsy things he does.

Here are some tips if you have a clumsy kids, which in time they will probably grow out of.

1. Take it slow. Broken things sometimes happen because kids are in such a hurry to get from one place to another. Remind them to slow down.

2. Realize how frustrating it is for him. It's not fun to be the kid who's tripping over his own feet.

3. Break it down. Some kids have trouble processing all that goes into kicking a soccer ball, for instance, or jumping rope. If there's a certain skill he can't seem to master, find a way to reduce it to a series of simpler actions and practice together.

4. Encourage him to keep trying. Practice makes perfect  -- or close enough to it. Whether it's carrying laundry without dropping it or catching a fly ball, he'll get there.