I know it's hard to resist a $10 toaster, but before you start chucking random deals in your cart Friday, here's what NOT to buy.

  1. Electronics from a brand you've never heard of:  they're big sellers because they're the cheapest, but there's a reason for that. Check out reviews online before thinking you're getting a deal.
  2. Winter clothes:  most stores drop prices even more on Cyber Monday...or for the BEST deal, wait til January.
  3. Christmas decorations:  these are NOT good deals right now...because almost everyone is buying them anyway, out of necessity.  Wait til after the holidays for the best prices.
  4. "Doorbusters":  usually these are lower-end products (see #1), and most of the time, it's stuff you'd never buy if it wasn't on sale anyway.  Before you waste the money, be sure it's something you actually WANT to buy.

But wait, there's more!  More of what you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T buy on Black Friday in a handy chart!