We know diet and exercise are the two best tools for losing weight.

But what if you just want to APPEAR thinner? :)

Cosmo released a list of weird products that answer this question.

1. Apps that make you look skinny -- The "Skinny Camera" app magically shrinks you.  "Skinny Booth" slims just your face. "Plump and Skinny Booth" shrinks down your waist and plumps your chest.

2. Thinning perfumes -- Apparently if you smell like grapefruit, people think you're smaller. Floral scents make you seem thin, young, and energetic. Warning: Do NOT smell like jalapenos...apparently it adds 5-7 pounds to your perceived weight.

3. Butt-lifting pants -- Compression fabric lifts the junk in the trunk.

4. Full body shapewear -- Basically, a Spanx bodysuit.

5. Optical illusion outfits -- Skinny jeans with a black stripe down the side, or a white t-shirt with black circles on the sides.

6. Slimming glasses -- Find a style that naturally slims your face, but with blue lenses.  Apparently blue food looks gross, so you'll eat less.