21-year-old Brittany Peck just wanted a nice wedding, like any bride, with no troubles between different sides of the family.

Brittany's dad, Todd Bachman, and her stepfather, Todd Cendrosky (yes, two "Todd's"), never really got along.

Obviously, this stressed Brittany out, as Bachman was going to walk her down the aisle, rather than Cendrosky, who's been in her life since she was 11.

Right before "Here Comes The Bride..." Bachman walked over to Cendrosky, grabbed his hand, and led him over to where they were lining up, so they could BOTH walk her down the aisle.


In the pic, Bachman is determined, and Cendrosky is crying.  In 2.5 days, half-a-million people shared their pics.



The bride, obviously, was elated.


Have you ever been involved in a "divided" family event?

What happened when two parents -- who maybe haven't talked since their divorce 15 years ago -- showed up at the same place?

Has there been a funeral where two parties had to come together?

What happened?