One of the FIRST questions people ask us as morning dj's is "What time do you get up???"  I get it, our job isn't exactly "typical".  And yes, we do get up early (my first alarm goes off at 3:35am, for the record).  The second question is almost always "Can you get me free tickets?"  You can scroll down for the answer to THAT*.

We decided to guess YOUR job based on the question YOU get asked the most.  This was fun and lasted all morning!

Here are a few of the questions YOU get asked, and our guesses.  The answers will follow....

ThinkStock / lonely__
  1. Cheryl:  Aren't you scared, being a woman?
    (Laura's guess:  CO/police officer, Keith's guess:  prison worker)
  2. Mark:  You only work 2 days a week?
    (Laura's guess:  bartender, Keith's guess: musician)
  3. Sylvia: What's the hardest part of your job?
    (Laura's guess: vet, Keith's guess: health care)
  4. Kathy:  Did you get all that?
    (Laura's guess: stenographer, Keith's guess: ???)
  5. Elaine:  How many times do you get hung up on?
    (Laura's guess: Time Warner Cable/National Grid/National Fuel, Keith's guess: Bill collector)
  6. (Unknown) : How do you sleep at night?
    (Laura's guess: lawyer, Keith's guess:  barista)
  7. LaTori:  You must do this with your eyes closed...
    (Laura's guess:  cashier, Keith's guess:  sleep study)
  8. Toni: Why do you always wear a bandanna?
    (Laura's guess:  farmer, Keith's guess:  fitness instructor)

Here are the answers!


ThinkStock / Avava
  1. cab driver
  2. flea market sales
  3. adult group home manager
  4. Tim Horton's drive thru
  5. bill collector
  6. parking enforcement officer
  7. phlebotomist
  8. construction worker