Recently I traveled out of town to a tattoo parlor near Albany,NY to get a new tattoo. The first question I get asked is "why did you go out of town for a tattoo and not stay local?". The key with getting a tattoo that you will love is finding an artist that you love. Remember this is permanetly on your body! So about a year ago I found Jessica (@MsRetroDixie) she runs a shop out of Troy, NY, she did my first tattoo and I decided to go back to her again to receive my second.

In the video you'll see the process of how my tattoo was created! I had a list of questions I received from listeners that have never gotten a tattoo and wanted to see exactly how the process works. Hopefully I answered the ones you wanted to know! If not feel free to leave a comment and I'll be sure to answer any that you may have.

(The photo on the LEFT was taken right after we finished, The photo on the RIGHT is the now fully healed tattoo.)
You can see that the redness has faded and the shading of the ink really pops once fully healed, and of course my hair on my arm has grown back in too LOL.

I absolutely love my new tattoo and thanks again to Jessica for her amazing work.