A newly-discovered manuscript from the 1960's reveals many of "Colonel" Harlan Sanders' favorite recipies. And the folks at KFC say they'll make it available for free at their web site.

Sanders wrote the book to teach America "real old-time country and farm cooking before it's forgotten". The 200-page manuscript also tells his life story, and is reportedly filled with life lessons and anecdotes from the Colonel's life.

While the recipies include omeletes, casseroles, pies, and many other dishes, Sanders' guide to making his Original Recipie Chicken is not a part of the book [While the official recipie will probably never be made public, a few attempts have been made by cooks over the years. I've never tried either of these, but they rank highly in Google searches; try here or here].

A spokeswoman for Yum Brands, the parent company of KFC, says the manuscript will probably hit the Internet next year.