Before we go any further, just to clarify I am talking about Christmas Trees so get your heads out of the gutter!  When it comes to trees, I will take fake all day.


A fake tree is perfection.  It will always go up perfectly, light up perfectly, and the best part...NO MAINTENANCE!  I have no idea why anyone would want real after knowing this.  Don't come at me with smell either, they make fake pine scented sticks for the trees as well.

Now I'm not just against real trees for no reason.  I have had many bad experiences to back up my beliefs.  Over the last 7 years I have had 2 real trees and both were a disaster.


Winter 2009 I was the proud owner of the leaning Christmas tree.  The picture you see is after hours of trying to cut the base straight.  It still leaned forward and even drew some comments from Facebook.  I vowed never again that year.

Unfortunately I am married and terms like 'never again' don't carry the weight that they should.  It took 5 years, but we went the real route again and as predicted it ended in disaster - literally,  I was woken up at 2am one December evening (while on NyQuil) and told that the tree had fallen over.  FALLEN OVER!!  I had to pick up this giant tree, stabilize it, clean all the water and broken ornaments up, and redecorate it.


NEVER AGAIN!  How about we just let the trees grow in their natural habitat where I don't have to take care of them.  The fact that the tree needs water and aspirin when I am the one with the pounding headache is enough of a reason!


I want to know your thoughts because I am sure a majority of people agree with me on this one!  Don't let me down WNY...