#Trumpkins are trending big time on social media this Halloween season. Feeling inspired (and crafty), I decided to make one for the Mix96 studio, and MAKE HALLOWEEN GREAT AGAIN! Learn how to make your own by following my tutorial.

Here's the finished product:

Finished and all lit up!

My Trumpkin is carved from a foam craft pumpkin, available at any craft store. I also picked up a hot knife to be able to carve with precision. I watched a few YouTube videos to get a feel for how to use the knife.

Tape the pattern to the pumpkin. Get it as flat as you can, use lots of tape!

After you tape down the pattern, use a toothpick or the tip of a pen to make "dots" or indentations along the lines that you want to cut with the knife. After you remove the pattern, you want to be able to follow along your dots with the knife. It's also helpful to have another copy of your pattern to look at while you cut.

Trumpkin in-progress. It's starting to shape up!

Be VERY careful with the hot knife! As you might suspect, it's really hot and very sharp. This is definitely a craft for adults, and not for little kids. After you have patiently carved the pumpkin, use an LED votive or other battery operated light for the foam pumpkin -- do NOT use a candle, unless you like the smell of melting plastic!

Val and her #trumpkin

If you have a #trumpkin, I'd love to see it! Send me a pic at val.townsend@mix96buffalo.com!