In 1989, while Princess Diana was still married to Prince Charles, she sent a Valentine’s Day card to a man by the name of George. That card has surfaced and is now up for auction in the UK.

Of course, there’s no actual scandal behind the card, because it wasn’t a romantic gesture. The beloved princess actually sent valentines to royal employees as a good natured joke. The “George” who received this card is thought to have been a valet for the royal couple.

The card came from a 1989 collection by Andrew Brownsword called “Lady Di by Dino.” The message on the outside of the card said, “Not many men will receive a Valentine’s card from Princess Diana…” and on the inside it read, “…and you’re one of them.”

Even without a scandal, it’s a rare piece of memorabilia. Owner of Memorabilia UK Mark Riddle, who is selling the card said, “I was amazed when I saw it. Not many people can ever have been handed a Valentine’s card by a Princess, let alone one of the most iconic. You can only imagine the potential worth of this Diana valentine card in say 100 years’ time.”

The card’s auction price is set at about $12,570.

[via The Sun]