I have chosen a list of the top five celebrities that are a bit annoying. I honestly don't know where or who to begin with. So I will go by Age.

If you watch the Housewives of Atlantaand Celebrity Apprentice than you are familiar with NeNe. Ne Ne is known for speaking her mind, having a good time and letting you have it.

Charlie Sheen, what can I say that he has not already said. We have watched this man have a mental breakdown. I'm surprised that he has been able to get away with so much. Chuck Lorre was more than patient, his ex wife well.... and his estranged wife travels with him and his angels !! Weird

Leann Rimes, You husband stealer. I know you can't steal what wants to leave.  I thought she was a sweet country princess. She had us fooled. If you are dating someone with kids, it's wrong to askyour love to not  go to their child's birthday party!!! She has also turned into Bridezilla. Oh well

Snookie, Why did she make more than a accomplished author? If she can make more than take more. Young ladies think that it's OK to spit, fight, and mistreat people. This is never nice behavior.

I wish they would just put Lindsay Lohan away already.  The girl is train wreck and will never learn her lesson.  She really needs a dose of reality and I think a nice long prison term would do the trick.