This past week has been hectic for me and I'm sure you have begun the rush of holiday parties already this season. They have all been a riot but, there is always something at each party that really bugs the royal geebies out of me. (And no, the in-laws are not on this list).

1. Forgetting people's names - It is very awkward and annoying when I have to go talk to that lady with the glasses and that hair that I see once a year and I can never remember her name. Than as always, I proceed to walk at her with a big smile like I know exactly who she is and say "How have you been?!" when I really want to say, "Wait, who are you again?".

2. The Truth - The only honest ones left in this world are little children and drunks. At your office holiday party, after a few cosmos you may slip and tell a little too much about that annoying person in the cube next to you. This actually happened at our holiday party last week. Best thing to do: Hope everyone drinks a lot more and forgets your stupid little comment ever happened.

3. Repeating Yourself - When at your family get together seeing all your old aunts & uncles, you may as well record answers for the following questions because your conversation is likely to go something like this to begin with every single one of them. "How have you been?", "What's new?", "How's work". I feel like even the aunts I see on the regular have this routine with me.

4. Nice sweater? - Sometimes you stare at your closet full of millions of clothes and continue to say over and over "I have nothing to wear". Problem is really not that you do not have a lot of clothes but, you don't know exactly what everyone else is wearing so you do not under-dress or over-dress. Especially you ladies. Nobody wants to be wearing that ugly sweater when you should have worn a sports coat. But, nobody wants to be wearing a suit when you should have been wearing jeans. What's worse?

5. Driving Home - Here's the problem: After dealing with problems #1-4, I seem to have used those rum & cokes as an escape. Whoops. But, now I need a Designated Driver.