Now this sounds like an easy one, since we all live in WNY and are passionate about our teams.  That doesn't mean you get lazy and grab just anything they slap a Bills and Sabres logo on.  There is some really cool stuff out there, spend a few minutes finding it!


Val Townsend and Tony P's Top 5 Gifts for The Buffalo Sports Fan:

1. A Nice Team Sweatshirt/Shirt/Jersey - You can't go wrong with this one.  We have awesome colors for all of our teams, so spend a few extra bucks and get something nice that will last.  Whether it's Sabres, Bills, Bandits, or Bulls, find a quality embroidered one and be the gift giving master!







2. Giant Jenga Blocks - I own these with the Bills logo on them and I can tell you they are a hit at parties.  They come with a logo'd bag, but the blocks are heavy so carrying them around is not recommended, but they are awesome.  Hours of fun with this gift guaranteed.







3. Super Bowl Tickets Picture - I know we didn't fare too well in the biggest of games, but it was a hell of a run and this picture is perfect for any fans collection.  This comes in 2 sizes, so depending on how much you want to spend this can get upgraded from the picture below.







4. All Seasons Buffalo Shirt - We are one of the few places with four seasons and four teams to go with those seasons.  If you can't commit to one team you might as well go with them all!







5. Wine Holder/Growler/Golf Covers - This is more than one gift but it is meant to show the array of cool items that are out there.  The shoe wine bottle holder is perfect for that sports fan woman in your life, and let's be honest, who doesn't want a growler?!  I think they are mandatory to stay medicated during Bills and Sabres games!






You can easily find these gifts and more online, or in stores because we are in WNY.  Laux and Kohls always have a great selection, and most stores carry this merchandise.  Happy hunting!