If you want to have a successful Thanksgiving, I have an easy 3 step plan that will make it possible.  If you follow these steps you will have memories for years to come.

1. TALK A LOT OF POLITICS - Look, EVERYBODY wants to hear your take on the election, why your candidate is best, and how you feel the country should be run.  Let's be honest, there hasn't been a lot of coverage on this topic so think of this as an opportunity to update everyone at once.


2. DRINK EXCESSIVELY - Listen, EVERYBODY LOVES you when you're wasted so just give the people what they want.  Don't overthink it, drink it!  Speed up the process and do a lot of shots.  This will actually help your charisma when doing step 1.  Alcohol always makes politics better.


3. PLAY BACKSEAT CHEF - You didn't have time to prepare a dish or cook the meal, that shouldn't stop you from voicing your opinions on how you would have done it better.  Let everyone know your thoughts on whether the turkey was too dry or the mashed potatoes too lumpy and how you make them best.  You're really doing everyone a favor.


Trust me on this one, you will be the hit of the party.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!