A new type of ice cream went on sale in Japan today -- and what makes it's so different, is that it doesn't melt.

Kanazawa Ice soft serve officially went on sale in Japan today. Food & Wine reports the ice cream "holds its shape and temperature even after three hours in a 104˚ room.," and can withstand being lit on fire.

Photo credit: Kawazana Ice

"The 'burning' parfaits will go on sale a week from tomorrow, on January 30. This ice cream parfait, which apparently takes on a bit of a crème brulee flavor as it burns, includes the non-melting ice cream, sprinkles, a cookie, and a Pocky-type chocolate stick. It costs 700 Japanese Yen, or roughly US$6.30."

Kanazawa is no stranger to ice cream innovation. Here's a video of their incredibly cool gold-leaf ice cream.

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