Back in February, we introduced you to three men who were on a quest – to WALK from Buffalo to Los Angeles.  Yes, 2,700 miles...on foot.

Two of the three of them were on the "rotund" size (giving way to their self-titled mission), one was starring down the barrel of weight loss surgery.

We spoke to them when they were in Arizona.


I tried to reconnect with them when I heard the news that they had finally reached the Pacific Ocean, but being that they were flooded with calls, media coverage and a sort of new-found celebrity-status, we weren't able to make an arrangement for the call.

If you followed their Facebook page, you got to see the excitement unfold (that is, when they had internet access...naturally, it's pretty spotty in the middle of the desert!).


Fortunately, Anne Neville from The Buffalo News was successful.  You can read her story here.

All in, 11 months and 2,700 miles of blistering sun, agonizing blizzards and everything in between, all three lost significant weight and added muscle. They didn't have fancy equipment (each pulled/pushed modified strollers containing their gear, sleeping bags and essentials) or fancy shoes, but through a Go Fund Me page and the kindness of strangers, they safely completed their journey.

They should be back to Buffalo on May 3rd, using a less physically-demanding method: Amtrak. Lancaster's Marianne Schum paid for the train tickets and is also helping with lodging costs while they "rest" in Los Angeles.

We'll try to touch base again, up on their arrival home. Besides oodles of pictures and memories – the good, the bad, and the ugly – they will also be bringing back enough stories to tell for generations to come.

Well done, guys!  Congratulations!