On the third episode of 'The Voice' this week (May 8), the Top 12 of Season 4 was revealed. Two members of each of the four teams were saved by America and its votes. Then the corresponding coach had to chose between the bottom two, sending one member home. Each coach will have three members competing in the live rounds, which kick off next week.

Here's how the teams shook out.

TEAM BLAKE SHELTON:: He struggled but ultimately chose the Bros and his team has two gals and one duo.

Holly Tucker (Saved by America)
Danielle Bradberry (Saved by America)
The Swon Brothers (Saved by Shelton)
Justin Rivers (Eliminated)

TEAM ADAM LEVINE: Levine's all-girl squad has some belters, so coffeehouse crush Caroline Glaser went bye-bye. It took A. Lev like 10 minutes to choose.

Judith Hill (Saved by America)
Amber Carrington (Saved by America)
Sarah Simmons (Saved by Levine)
Caroline Glaser (Eliminated)

TEAM USHER: His team is the most varied now, and he just might pull out a rookie win.

Michelle Chamuel (Saved by America)
Vedo (Saved by America)
Josiah Hawley (Saved by Usher)
Cathia (Eliminated)

TEAM SHAKIRA:  We think she is crushing on Garrett, since she's saved him every time.

Sasha Allen (Saved by America)
Kris Thomas (Saved by America)
Garrett Gardner (Saved by Shakira)
Karina Iglesias (Eliminated)

Cee Lo Green and his Season 2 contestant Juliet Simms returned to perform Loberace's latest single 'Only You,' keeping it all in 'The Voice' family.

Tune in next week for the live rounds, as we get closer and closer to seeing Season 4's winner revealed.

Watch Cee Lo Green + Juliet Simms Perform 'Only You'