Lifetime is all about Lady Gaga and I can't wait to see their movie on her life.  She is on Forbes list of highest paid women in entertainment. Oprah is still coming in at number one and Gaga is number two on the list. Gaga earned a whopping 90 million dollars. I bet the record execs that put her talent on a shelf are kicking themselves and Akon is kissing himself.  

I am so excited for the lady that is number three on the list.  Bethany Frankel is a true reality to riches story. This year Bethany grossed 55 million dollars. If anyone can parlay a reality show into a multi million dollar empire it is Bethenny Frankel. My friends and I love her skinny girl line of martini's and margaritas. I wonder if Kelly Bensimone will tell her with her hand?  I am up here and you are down here. She may want to rethink that and take her hand gestures with her.

 Giselle Bundchen "the body " makes her husbands large earnings look modest with 45 million dollars. Bundchen is tied with everyone's favorite dancing TV host, Ellen. Now that the queen has retired there is no stopping Ellen. I tune in everyday to see her dance and watch her never ending great guest appearances. Have a little fun today!