The holidays are a time of cheer and joy. It's also a time for stealing. You must use common sense when you rush out to purchase your treasures. Shoplifting this time of the year will increase. So what is the most wanted item for shoplifters? You may be surprised, It's meat !! Premium cuts of meat are at the top of the list. Alcohol comes in at second place. I would have placed clothing or toys at the top of the list.

 When shopping, NEVER place your bags in the car and run back in anywhere. If you have purchased more than you can carry, It's time to go home. Do not leave your bags unattended. Don't put them down and turn yor head. IF you must put them down, place them between your legs. Shopping is always a fun occasion,  just remember to  be wary of those that may be preying on you this season. Last but not least, a cross body bag is your best friend when shopping.  It stays close to your body and is harder to be snatcher or pick pocketed. Happy shopping !!!