It's due out later this year, and it is the most incredible diamond ring yet created.Carved from a 150-carat diamond, it's billed as "the world's first diamond ring" [don't you love a literal description of a product?] by its creator, the Swiss luxury jewelers Shawish. This bling is so spectacular, it comes with its own video:


So what's a solid diamond ring cost? Shawish estimates its value at around $68 million. A date of 12/12/12 is indicated in the video, leading me to wonder if this bauble may actually go on sale [my first thought was that it was just a promotional item for the jewelry firm]. It's out of my price range [and likely yours as well], but not an impossibly high figure. It'd be a nice holiday gift for, say, Melissa Gates from her hubby Bill. Or Nancy McCartney, from Sir Paul. Or maybe even Kim Pegula, from Terry [for his part, he's looking for a Stanley Cup championship ring. Hope he gets it soon...].