If you haven't heard by now, today is "Take Your Dog to Work Day."  Joe, Keith and I all have pups at home, but none of us brought them to the studio today.  We did bring photos though!

We have two dogs at home, Meisha and Bella (pictured above).  Meisha's a 7-year-old lab mix breed with a loving temperament and easy-going attitude.  Bella's a little bit younger -- only 3 years old.  She's a mix between a chihuahua and a pug, affectionately known as our little "chug."  Bella has a little more energy and enough "bark" for both of them.  The two get along like any siblings -- most but not all of the time.

Joe also has two pups at home, Sammy and Tucker.  Sammy is a lovable black lab, about 6 years old.  He's Joe's favorite.  Tucker is a 3-year-old boxer (photo above) with a reputation for eating everything in sight.  Poor Tucker; he's not Joe's favorite.

Keith shares his home with Wanda, a 3-year-old puggle with just as much personality as Keith.  Keith's Facebook friends often see Wanda in action, enjoying a cocktail poolside or maybe hard at work behind the microphone. (Yes, that is Wanda behind the mic in the photo above.)  And you thought Keith had all the talent!

Why didn't we bring them to work?  Five dogs, three people, one studio with limited bathroom trips.  Not a good idea.