Experiencing a miracle can come in a variety of ways, especially when they're directed just to you.

Delilah explains how this has happened to her in more ways than one.

Have you experienced a little miracle in your life? And maybe it's something that only applies to you; where nobody else would recognize the meaning in what you've seen or what happened to you. Miracles don't always have to be life or death, public events. A personal miracle can be something small, intended to be a little love note from above...

It seems like whenever I'm really missing my son Sammy, having a hard day and longing to see his smile or hear his voice, and just wishing God hadn't called him home so soon...I will see a heart in the strangest places. It's always in nature; it's never a man-made heart. I'll see a heart shape in the trunk of a tree or on a leaf or I'll stumble upon a heart-shaped rock. I've seen so many rocks; I had no idea God made so many rocks in the shape of a heart!

One time, I was thinking about Sammy as I parked my car in a lot. And when I stepped out of my car, the first thing I saw a couple feet away was a perfect heart-shaped mud puddle. I know it seems crazy but I knew in that instant it was a little message meant for me to know it's okay, his love is always with me . Another time, I took my kids tubing down the Umpqua river and I saw a perfect heart formation in the shallow waters (pictured right) along the riverbank.

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post