Recently, people have been sharing photos of crooked, swollen, curved fingers...and it's not from shoveling, arthritis, or compulsive nose-picking (???).

It's the newest "deformity" called "Smartphone Pinky", and the struggle is real.  If you look at the pinky on the hand you use to hold your phone, you may notice it looks slightly different than the other one.  It's usually you're non-dominant hand.

For instance, Keith is left-handed, so he holds his phone in his right hand.  Note his right pinky is slightly further away from his right ring finger, than the distance between the same fingers on the left.

I'm right-handed, so with mine, it's my left pinky that kind of curves inward a bit more, probably from its kung-fu-grip on the phone for 70% of the day....

The good news is you don't have anything to worry about.  The director of the New York Hand and Wrist Center (can you imagine how fun THAT office Christmas party is???) says there's a very, VERY small chanc eyou've done any actual damage to your finger, and that any indentation will correct itself.

Now, lemme take a selfie.