Losing weight is no easy task.  You need every edge you can get!  I know because I always seem to  be watching my weight, and now there's word the Internet can help!

 While I don't consider myself in need of a major diet, I'm always looking for any help I can get to avoid my body falling into "disrepair."  You may be laughing, but those who have experienced it, know that once you hit your 30's being in shape is more difficult than ever.  The good news is now, diets that combine the Internet with personal contact work the best.  Reuters  reports on a new study that finds combining the two components seems to be more effective than either one alone.  Furthermore, the report finds those who go it alone on the web, with no person to person contact, tend to gain weight.  Those who have a personal touch, but no web time in their diet, do lose weight, but not as much as those who combine both the Internet and personal contact.