This is the cheapest Air BnB in Buffalo right now. Ten bucks – that's it.

If you happen to know somebody to be looking for a room in Buffalo, this is quite the deal. Or maybe you need a roommate? This guy will charge you only about 300 a month for everything. Welcome to Air Bnb.

It's a house sharing website that is comparable to Uber or Lyft but for living. You can see exactly who you're renting from through Facebook, with ratings and such and depending on the offer and situation you may be able to crash on someone's couch or rent their house while they're gone.

Here's the description for this one:

"Closest possible house from UB South Campus bus stop, House has Microwave, Refrigerator, Oven, Mattress, Chairs, Heater,Washer,Dryer, 2 Bathrooms. Room has an extra electric heater, extra fan, chairs, study table, mattress."