The 60th Allentown Arts Festival went down in the Queen City this weekend. Here's the 11 best things we spotted.

1. This lady and her parasol. Seriously, we need to be bringing parasols back.


2. Jewelry made from Buffalo nickels!


3. These crazy big, and super cool lawn sculptures.


4. An artist firing pottery in front of a live audience.


5. Crazy clocks that would make Doc Brown jealous.


6. Very artistic birdhouses.


7. The only festival-goer harder to navigate around than moms with strollers, or folks with tiny dogs - the guy walking his bike. Sigh.


8. Glass flowers that you can't kill by forgetting to water them.


9. Animated motion wind chimes.


10. Buffalo-themed works of art.


11. The best art, is art you can rest on.