Watch Kentucky Freshman Vincent Swope as he makes this half-court shot during halftime of last Saturday's game against South Carolina. Did his feet go over the half-court line?

The supermarket chain Kroger sponsored the contest.  A basket from half-court would be worth ten-thousand-dollars.

Swope took the shot, made the basket and did a victory lap.   Yahoo! Sports reports organizers approached Swope during his lap and informed him he may not receive the money because he was over the line when he released the ball.  Word spread like wildfire on Twitter and representatives of Kroger quickly realized it would not be in their best interest to renig on the prize.  Swope was informed an hour after the game that he would receive the money.

What do you think?  Was his foot over the line?  Does it matter?  I don't think so.  It was a great shot, worth ten-grand!