People are inspired by all sorts of different things, all around the world!

You could be inspired by just about anything, but narrowing that down to one specific thing, or even multiple, is what makes everyone unique in their own way.

What inspires you? Does music inspire you? Sunsets? Art? Kids? Are you inspired when you paint, when you draw, when you sing?

The earth inspires me...nature just blows me away. When I go hiking or walking thru the woods or on a horseback ride, I get inspired and it rejuvenates my spirit. I took my kids on a float down the Umpqua River this summer and it was pure serenity letting the water carry me thru the breathtaking scenery. Plus, it was a whole lot of fun.

When I look up at night and see the stars from my farm or when I'm in Africa where there are no bright lights, I'm in awe of creation. When I'm in the garden, harvesting a field full of produce, I'm in awe of how easily and quickly a small seed grows to become nourishment for the body.

And when I'm in my kitchen with my girlfriends or my kids cooking and canning our goods, there is so much wonderful conversation. We share and laugh about some of our favorite memories...and all these things inspire me to continue doing what I love to do.

Now it's your turn: Write to me and sound off about the things that inspire you and take you to your happy place. I will return the favor with some uplifting and inspiring music on the radio tonight...

~ Delilah

What inspires YOU? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post