There are many things that can affect the way you feel and the outlook you may have about others.

Delilah explains that you should get rid of this "garbage" in your life to make you feel more at peace in your surroundings.

Have you ever heard the expression "Garbage In, Garbage Out"? If you put fried food and sweets and unhealthy snacks in your body all the time, you're eventually going to feel icky and sluggish on the outside. That's pretty common knowledge.

The same expression goes for your mind. When you fill your mind with garbage, when you watch vulgar movies and play violent video games, listen to degrading lyrics and hang around with people who gossip and backbite, you invite that lifestyle into yours. So don't go there. Take the garbage out of your home and out of your life and be more at peace in your surroundings.

If I can offer you one thing today: It's a safe place to come listen to good music and put some good vibes back into your evening. Come sit with me on the radio tonight and I promise to be a safe haven of entertainment for your whole family.

Have a great week!

How do YOU get rid of the "garbage" in your life? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post