You are just minutes away from the sweetest event you'll ever attend. That is, if you're looking at this video on Thursday January 29th, 2015. Otherwise, plan of attending next year because you've missed the most delicious event ever to be held in Buffalo, NY, 'A Chocolate Affair.'

As we speak, Muscoreils Fine Desserts, Palace Of Sweets, Sassi Cakes, Stuffed Chocolate, Park Edge Sweet Shop, Firefly Cupcakes and more are setting up at The Hyatt Regency in Buffalo.

If you are a wine lover, Willow Creek Winery, Vetter Vineyards, Black Willow Winery and others are also getting prepared for tonight.

So, take a look at the pre-show footage, grab the girls and head out tonight for an event that your taste buds won't soon forget.