Whitney Houston

Whitney’s Family Auctions Her Mementos
Whitney Houstons family decided to put 13 of her belongings up for auction in LA last week. Some of the items were worn in the Bodyguard. I would  love to wear the white dress from  the film. I don't believe it is my size, but that's OK I would let it hang in my closet as the mot…
‘Glee’ Planning Whitney Houston Tribute
According to reports, ‘Glee’ will be working on an episode that celebrates the music of Whitney Houston. The FOX show is planning to film an episode containing eight of her most popular songs. Ace Showbiz hints that the episode will center around McKinley High School&CloseCurly…
Who Leaked Whitneys Photo? Not The Funeral Home [VIDEO]
It didn't take very long for Carolyn Whigham to get to the bottom of who leaked Whitney Houston's picture to the Enquierer. Whigham who is the owner of the funeral home has been receiving threats, since the incident occured. Carolyn recently held a press conference to clear her name.
Cissy Houston Wants To Know Who Sold Her Daughters Photo
The investigations have begun. It is only a matter of time before Cissy Houston gets down to the bottom of who sold the picture to the Enquirer. The Paparazzi are extremely sneaky. They will stop at nothing to get the picture they want. So the mystery stands at WHO? Is it a personal friend, family m…

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