Mother's day

Mother’s Day Facts
Mother's Day is here, and as we finish up celebrating the women who brought us into the world, let's take a moment to learn some interesting facts about them.  According to the Independent, here are five interesting stats on the country's moms:

Mothers head up 83 percent of the si…
Laura Daniels Cooking Class — ‘Cloud Eggs’ [VIDEO]
Obviously there's no point in making or eating anything unless you can take a picture of it, right?  (I disagree with that too...) But making a video of it, alone in your kitchen on a sunny weekday afternoon?  Sure thing!
As I told you yesterday (and you've no doubt seen in your social media feeds), …
Diaper Drive Benefiting Harvest House of South Buffalo
In honor of Mother’s Day, The Care Connection Lactation and Wellness Center is hosting a Diaper Drive to help WNY moms.
According to the National Diaper Bank Network, 1 in every 3 American mothers report experiencing diaper needs. Diapers are considered a hygiene item, …

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