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Buffalo’s Liberty Building From the Air! [VIDEO]
It's been awhile since I shared a drone video so I'm well-due.  This one is absolutely fantastic!  An aerial shot going completely around the building, AND in 4K quality.  You may just want to watch this on the widescreen instead of at the cubicle or on your phone...
Aerial Tour Of Holiday Valley! [VIDEO]
The snow and cold are back!  For people that love to ski and snowboard, they scream a resounding and uniting "YES!"
Check out this amazing aerial tour video of Holiday Valley.  See you on the slopes!  Video credit to Dan Oshier Productions via YouTube.
Best of Buffalo Aerial Video!
I love these kinda vids.  From downtown to the waterfront to the windmills, this photographer showcases the best views of Buffalo!  Video credit to Michael Zent via YouTube.
Drones Restricted Over Ralph [VIDEO]
It is now forbidden to fly a drone over or near Ralph Wilson Stadium. according to The Buffalo News,  a person attempting to fly one will be in violation of three regulations: federal law, a new Orchard Park town ordinance and the Bills’ stadium policy.
Authorities admit there is no certain threat, b…