I'm a big fan of supporting the arts, especially in local schools. I started clarinet lessons in fifth grade, played in concert and marching bands my entire school career and sang/starred in Singin' In The Rain in 1992!

I'm a huge believer that success in the arts (band, choir, art, etc.) leads to success in all other areas of life, so when I see someone with incredibly amazing talent hailing from our own Lancaster...she deserves to be spotlighted! (Spot-lit? So much for that "success" thing, LOL!)

Samantha's mom, Charlene, heard me say how much I liked Anna Kendrick's new song "Cups" and sent me a clip of Sam singing a cappella while her teacher played...peanut butter. ;)

Bravo to BOTH of you...Sam, your voice is beautiful. And Mrs. Ruhland, are you patient enough to teach me the "Cups" hand jive?!?!?! :)