Please take care of this tonight. I know I will.

You leave the house and often wonder if you left the iron or the toaster or the coffee pot on because you don;t want to start a fire. But there is something else we all have at our house that can easily start a fire...

Batteries! If you're like me, they are probably in the junk drawer or maybe sitting in the fridge. This could be very dangerous.

Check out the video of how batteries can start a fire, as well as how to prevent it.

Here are some stories of other people that this has happened to:

~ OMG! ** 3 months ago I put my batteries in a International Coffees’ tin next to my computer, later I smelled something odd. Luckily I searched with my nose and found that the tin with the AA and AAA batteries was finger-blistering hot and so were the other batteries in it smelling like a chemical fire. 2 batteries were upright and touching both the bottom & top of the tin causing them to heat up! I am so thankful My HOUSE didnt’ BURN down. PLEASE DON’T STORE YOUR BATTERIES IN METAL CONTAINERS! TAPE THE POSTS OF YOUR 9-VOLTS! PLEASE COPY & PASTE THIS! Save a life ~Sally Schiefer

I have a bag of old batteries and light bulbs in my utility room. I had no idea! Thank you, so much, for sharing this video - Terri

I went straight to the place we store our batteries (in our coffee table that opens) and realized we also have fingernail polish remover and polish in there. Thank you for this information. Making tragedy into helping others is amazing. - Carrie