Our son Mark wanted a pet and so to the shelter we went. There was a room full of cats in their cages and after a few minutes, one cat reached through the bars and touched Mark’s arm with her paw. I said, “Look at her brown colors, this cat looks like our furniture.” Mark said she looked like a snickers bar wrapper, and there you have it. Snickers has enjoyed a long life with us, but not if declawing was banned.

WIVB TV Reported:

Despite alternative measures, some pet owners still decide to declaw their cats to avoid scratches to themselves and their furniture. Others feel the procedure is unnecessary and cruel. In New York state it could potentially be banned altogether. But Browning says that could alleviate one issue but create another.

Look, circumcision is an uncomfortable experience but it leads to a lifetime of benefits. If we ban declawing, millions of cats will not be adopted and likely euthanized. This IS a matter of life and death that should be left up to pet owners and their vets. What do you think? Please take the poll.