This one has been argued since both items existed at the same time. An Internet magazine says it has the answer. But a couple of other publications claim the answer is not as cut-and-dried as you'd think. held a "tournament" [the brackets page looks suspiciously like one from the NCAA basketball tournaments. Click on the chart on the Jezebel page linked above if you want to know the match-ups, but be warned; parts of it are NSFW. At least in the "Sex" bracket], leaving them with a battle between sex in the "missionary" position and brownies, the winner of the "Chocolate" division.

It turned out to be no contest: sex won by an almost 2-to-1 margin. Question settled, right? Not so fast. A survey taken last fall noted that women think about food and dieting more than about relationships and sex. And last June Elle Canada made mention of another study that decided sex and chocolate were equally important to women.

Being a neutral observer in the debate [for what it's worth, I enjoy both], it's not an easy choice. Both have health benefits when taken in moderation, but can be a real health risk when abused. I think it really comes down to which you prefer. Let us know your preference, here or on our Facebook page.