How many times have you been on your way out the door and realized you don't even have your keys in your hand? Or that you've forgotten that card that HAS to get in the mail today or it'll be late. Or that you're heading to the ballgame after work and you need the sunscreen and hat. Or that you wanted to share that magazine article with your cube mate...or that...

I could go on.  Every night before I go to bed, I try to get the next day's necessities in my work bag so I'm not as scattered in the morning. Trust me, the last thing you want at 4 a.m. is to rack your brain trying to figure out what it was you KNOW you were just thinking about bringing with you the night before.

I found this handy little idea...and honestly, will probably be implementing it and putting it  on my kitchen baker's rack.

RealSimple / Maura McEvoy

Start A Day-By-Day Shelf System

To get out the door more quickly each day, dedicate baskets or shelves to specific days of the week. When you remove things from your bag at night, place each item on the appropriate shelf or in the correct basket. Designate a certain spot for everyday items -- like your wallet, transit card and cell phone.

It's a handy little day-by-day shelf system! You can plop things in there for the next day...or the stuff you don't need till a few days from now! I know...seems so simple...but shouldn't life be simple? I can see LOTS of these going up in my home...even in the bathroom!

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