The moment that every parent dreads - telling the kids the truth about Santa.  It's a rough one, and it is the end of innocence.  I have worried about this since my son was born and now the time has come.


I have 2 kids which makes this even more difficult.  My son Gianni is 9 (in 4th grade), and my daughter Mia is 5 (in Kindergarten).  The time has come, whether I like it or not, where my son needs to know the truth.  Even if I didn't want to tell him, he will find out in a more difficult and possibly embarrassing way - at school.  It's probably best that I clue him in, but when?

Is 9 the age and 4th the grade to do this?  How do I go about this??  I remember when I found out.  My Dad sat me down in the kitchen and told me that Santa isn't real and that they bought the presents.  Of course I didn't believe him at first, it didn't make any sense.  He explained it all to me again and I remember feeling really sad.


Now it's my turn to tell and I am freaking out.  I love the innocence of my son and the excitement he has over all of this.  I am looking for some advice on how to break the news and when, from anyone who has done it.  I also want to know the age of your child and how they took the news.  Can I wait until after Christmas?