Something tells me that there must be a Santa Claus musical out there somewhere, either as a movie or a stage presentation. But if there isn't, I found at least a starting point for one.

{Between Google and YouTube, you can find almost everything. Throw in WikiPedia, and you're pretty well covered] For the last decade or so, a group in New York City calledImprovEverywhere has put on unexpected entertainments in a wide variety of settings. The one you're about to see took place in a mall in New Jersey; how much would you give for something like this to suddenly break out at the Boulevard Mall, for instance, or any other shopping center in Western New York?

[ImprovEverywhere, via YouTube]

Now, obviously, the performers were prepared in advance [click here to see some of the preparations], but the shoppers who were at the right place at the right time were totally unprepared [and, as far as can be told from their reactions, totally delighted].

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