On Saturday, Darien Lake season pass holders, overnight guests, and park visitors were treated to a FREE in-park concert from Rachel Platten!

I met a group of superfans from Canada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan who all met via Twitter....They call themselved "Plattenums" :)  They had their own t-shirts made up, and somehow they ended up getting called up on stage during "Stand By You" (I'd like to point out that neither I nor Mix 96 had ANYTHING to do with this, as I've been...well, chastised...by some on social media saying I/we did. I have NO idea how this happened, so please, stop being so nasty to ME...maybe we flip the script and try being HAPPY for other people?? Karma is REAL, friends.).  I digress.

Still to come, my one-on-one interview with Rachel after the show...but first, a couple videos and snapshots I took during the show!