Sometimes people tend to forget that actions speak louder than words in more cases than not.

When it comes to love, Delilah explains that if you don't show it by your actions, those three words are just empty words.

It's one thing to say you love someone. But if you don't show it by your actions, by being trustworthy, kind, patient, caring, and helpful to name a few...then those three words are just empty words. Words don't amount to much if you're not willing to back them up with actions that demonstrate your love in a very real way.

When you do something that makes your loved one's life a little easier, when you make them feel important and cherished -- on any ordinary day -- that's more like it. When you encourage during a time of trial, when you take the time to listen instead of lecture, when you come to their aid on an overwhelming day...those are examples that back up your claim to love someone.

Take a moment and ponder whether you're doing enough to show your sweetheart you care -- not with gifts and chocolates and flowers -- but by simple daily actions. Ask yourself when was the last time your spouse or significant other was able to say "thank you, honey" for something you did for them that wasn't requested of you. That might be a good place to start.

On the flipside, when someone takes the time to demonstrate their love, recognize it! Sometimes we take actions for granted and we forget to say thank you. Don't forget that important piece of the pie...and life should get sweeter as you grow in love.

How do YOU show your love towards others? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post