Some kids just need to learn respect and have to learn things the hard way. Some kids have a hard time accepting that. But, some parents take to publicly humiliate kids to really prove their point. Take a look at some of these situations and pictures…




"I was sent to school to get an education NOT to bully. I was not raised THIS WAY!!!!" Kudos to this Mom who had her son stand out on the street to prove her point.

Denver Post

A judge ordered these two women to stand outside when caught stealing gift cards from a 9 year old birthday party apparently.

One little girl took to facebook to bash her mom. Well, when her mom caught her, mom wrote on her facebook "I do not know how to keep my [mouth shut]. I am no longer allowed on Facebook or my phone. Please ask why". Than one person responded underneath saying "Facebook is a social media site for people to interact. NOT a place where you can humiliate your child."