An Open Letter To Buffalo:

When I told people in North Carolina that I was moving to Buffalo, NY a lot of them looked at me like I was crazy and said “Why?!” After the 10th person had the same reaction, I thought maybe I had made a mistake but moved here anyway in November of 2012 to work for 96.1. When I got here and told people that I moved to Buffalo from North Carolina, everyone (and I’m not exaggerating about this) looked at me like I was crazy and said “Why?!” Now almost 2 years later, I know it was one of the best decisions I ever made and I’m really going to miss you terribly Buffalo!

Winter (Heather Davis)

Sure, you have the snow and the cold for 6 months out of the year, yes you have lake effect snow that hammers you until Lake Erie finally freezes and yes, there are the blizzards (I had the pleasure of driving to work in 2 of them this past winter) BUT…

Mickey Rats (Heather Davis)

Buffalo has so many positives that outweigh all of those negatives and really, if you like to ski, you want a lot of snow right?!

You have amazing summers that are always packed with more stuff to do than you could EVER imagine. EVERY weekend is filled with events! You have a huge body of water close by and beaches to enjoy in the warm weather, a professional hockey team and football team now under the same ownership (which will hopefully translate to great future seasons), national parks with wonders like the "Eternal Flame," history in every corner of the city, gorgeous architecture everywhere and so much more! Plus, you are a stones throw away from Canada! (I lived on the west side of Buffalo and I could see Canada from my house... almost, lol.)

Here are some of the things I will remember about my time here...

We had a lot of really great times:

Craft Tap House- East Aurora (Heather Davis)

I met some really great people with the radio station:

Rince Na Tiarna (Mix 96)
Erie County Fair (Heather Davis)

I worked with some fun and interesting characters who are willing to do just about anything in the name of their art...

50 Shades (Heather Davis)
Stuffy (Heather Davis)
Brett Alan (Heather Davis)

I've learned a lot about Buffalo and it's history as well as got to experience some of the fun events that go on!

Richmond-Olmstead (Angela Zimmer)
Buffalo (Heather Davis)
Electric Tower (Heather Davis)
Lance Diamond Shirt (Heather Davis)
Sabres Game (Jen Riehle)
On the Field at the Ralph (Heather Davis)
Mighty Taco (Angela Zimmer)
Butter Lambs (Heather Davis)

I saw a lot of the natural beauty of WNY!

Fall (Heather Davis)
Niagara Falls Frozen (Heather Davis)

We had some sad times but the city came together to show their love and support:

Newtown Banners (Mix 96)

We had some troubles...

Joy Van (Heather Davis)

But there are a lot of wonderful people here in WNY that I've met and I'm going to miss:

Friends (Heather Davis)
Crew at Acqua (Heather Davis)
Archery (Heather Davis)

So as I head out of Buffalo and leave my now empty apartment:

Empty Apartment (Heather Davis)

with this message from my dad after he helped me pack up my place:

Message from my dad on my chalkboard in my bedroom (Heather Davis)

I want to tell all of you that living in Buffalo has been wonderful and that I will miss all of you! You truly are the "City of Good Neighbors."


Heather Davis

Mix 96