Having trust issues in a relationship never leads to any good.

Delilah shares a recent dilemma from her loyal listener Sarah that further justifies how lack of trust in a relationship is never going to help.

Dear Delilah,

I've been dating my boyfriend for just over a year. He is my first love and I love him so much. But sometimes he does not seem to care. On Thanksgiving, he spent the night at his ex-girlfriend's house and on Christmas he did it again. Christmas is the anniversary of the day we got together! He swears nothing happened but there is this little voice in my head that keeps saying something did happen. I lay awake at night crying because I keep thinking about this. I told him I don't like him sleeping at her house and he said he doesn't care. I love him with all my heart but this hurts. Please give me some motherly advice for what to do. Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Wake up, honey! If your boyfriend spent two of the biggest holidays of year sleeping over at his ex-girlfriend's house, he does not love you. You told him you didn't like it and he said he didn't care. Believe him when he says that because he's telling you he does not care how you feel. When someone loves you and cherishes you, they go out of their way to make sure your heart is blessed and happy. They do not go out of their way to hurt you by spending the night with an ex and then saying they don't care what you think. Get away from this guy, Sarah, before he rips your heart out of your chest and destroys it. You deserve to be loved completely by someone who will honor you and respect you.

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post